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창궐 (Rampant ) Korean (Zombie?) Movie Trailer Reaction and REVIEW

창궐 (Rampant ) Korean (Zombie?) Movie Trailer Reaction and REVIEW

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창궐 (Rampant ) is a South Korean movie directed by Kim Sung-Hoon  (김성훈) that will be released this October, 2018 in South Korea.

This movie stars Hyun-Bin  (현빈),  Jang Dong-Gun (장동건),  Jo Woo-Jin (조우진), and  Seo Ji-Hye (서지혜) .

This movie takes place during the Joseon Dynasty when a prince returns home after 10 years only to find his home taken over by rampant monsters at night.

Scott (스캇)  from The Changwoner checks out trailer #1 for창궐 (Rampant ).

Check out his reactions and review to this movie trailer!

RAMPANT (2018) Official Teaser Trailer | Korean Zombie Movie ♦ https://youtu.be/Qd6bnq8fLvA


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