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장산범 (The Mimic) Trailer Reaction and REVIEW

장산범 (The Mimic) Trailer Reaction and REVIEW (Korean Horror Movie)

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장산범 (The Mimic) is a South Korean movie directed by Huh Jung (허정) that will be released this August, 2018 in South Korea.

This movie stars Yum Jung-Ah  (염정아), Shin Rin-Ah  (신린아), Park Hyuk-Kwon (박혁권), and Heo Jin (허진).

This movie is about a family who move to a new area and a creature known as ‘The Mimic’ lives near.  ‘The Mimic’ can (of course) mimic voices to lure in children so that it can eat them.

Scott (스캇)  from The Changwoner checks out the trailer for장산범 (The Mimic).

Check out his reactions and review to this movie trailer!

THE MIMIC (2018) Official Trailer | Korean Horror ♦ https://youtu.be/qgYNuJAH2Ek




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