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버닝 (Burning) Korean Movie Trailer Reaction and REVIEW

버닝 (Burning) Korean Movie Trailer Reaction and REVIEW

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버닝 (Burning) is a South Korean movie directed by Lee Chang-Dong (이창동) that had a lot of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

This movie stars Steven Yeun (스티븐 연) from The Walking Dead, Yoo Ah-In  (유아인), and Jun Jong-Seo  (전종서) in her first feature film.

This movie is about a young man struggling as a writer who runs into a childhood friend and reacquainted with her.  She introduces her friend Ben who introduces the young man to a whole new and strange way of life.

Scott (스캇)  from The Changwoner checks out the trailer for버닝 (Burning).

Check out his reactions and review to this movie trailer!

Burning trailer official (English) from Cannes ♦ https://youtu.be/wi6Kw7V8gXk



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